Lars Rønning havde en god, men hård dag ved Lanzarote Ironman 2012
20. Maj, 2012 af Ole Stougaard

Lars Rønning, IM 70.3 South Africa 2012

Som jeg skrev i lørdags så har jeg hjulpet Lars Rønning med overordnet træningsvejledning frem mod Lanzarote Ironman. Lars havde en god, men hård dag på “kontoret”. Nedenfor har jeg kopieret teksten fra en mail Lars sendte efter racet.

Hi all,

Thanks for all the great SMS and email messages!

Ironman Lanzarote. It went well today! A long and hard day “in the office”. 1 year older and 2 minutes faster. 11.30 today and 11.32 last year! Isn’t it crazy having been out there between 11 and 12 hours and only a 2 minute difference?

Started with losing my earplugs in the sand this morning when I put the wetsut on – and without them I get seasick… Thank goodness I found them again right before the start.

A hard and chaotic swim due to 1600 swimmers in one wave. It got pretty crowded out there. So btw 5 and 10 mins slower than expected, but I was happy nevertheless – especially leaving the water and getting on my bike which is my strongest discipline.

The bike went well but it’s a bloody hard course – people say it’s the hardest official IM course in the world due to the climbing, winds and heat. Conditions were great today and I was VERY happy finally breaking the magical 6 hour limit – did the 180k in around 5.54 Including a 5 minute break at one of the aid stations.

Then back in town where I the marathon in 3.44 plus a total of 15 mins of stops at the aid stations drinking coke, water, gels, Red Bull… So that’s the reason for the somewhat erratic run times some of you have seen online. I decided to stop and drink at the aid stations rather than run through them and drink on the go – to avoid wet running shoes which always gives me terrible blisters. Great to cross the finish line for the third time at this great and historic race.

I REALLY missed my family cheering today :-( It was just not the same – but nevertheless I really enjoyed it, perhaps except a few low points on the run, but c’est la vie!

I was very happy about my new Hyperkewl running hat which meant I could keep my head cool on the run today (quite a few people bonked and DNF’ed due to the heat which actually was not too bad today compared with how Lanzarote often is) and 55/12 as the highest gearing. Meant I could really power down the descents and on the fast straights.

My friend Christian had his Lanzarote debut today and found it very hard work. He never really found the rhythm on the bike and struggled on the run with cramps and dizziness due to the heat but nevertheless finished in an impressive 11.43 which is very good for a first attempt at this crazy race.

Just had a steak and is on my way to bed now.

Will update you all with photos as soon as I can.


Stort tillykke til Lars. Nu kan Lars lige holde en kort pause inden den gælder træningen fra mod Norseman Xtreme Triathlon, der køres den første lørdag i august. Mon jeg ikke jeg kan give Lar et par gode råd med på vejen… 😉